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The firm is exclusive to Marital and Family Law, and the attorneys at West, Green & Associates, P.L. have over 75+ years of combined experience in the state of Florida.  The partners of the firm, Richard D. West and Caryn M. Green, are Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Family Law, and both are Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), Florida Chapter and  Fellows of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers(IAML).



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We are the only Central Florida Family Law firm with 3 Board Certified Specialists and pride ourselves on our ability to settle disputes as quickly and discreetly as possible through alternative methods.



Our Orlando Divorce attorneys have extensive background in litigating matrimonial and custody matters, and can litigate a divorce until termination if a settlement is not possible. We strive to provide personalized, first-rate service with the aim of achieving any and all desired results for our clients.


We offer services in a wide range of situations, and our attorneys are qualified to obtain successful results for clients in all areas of marital and family law.

  • Family law- West, Green & Associates, P.L. family lawyers are dedicated to solving problems instead of creating them, putting the wellbeing and needs of children first, helping clients understand that their divorce does not have to define their life, and educating clients so that they will be a part of their attorney’s team for settlement or litigation.


  • Divorce law and mediation- Our divorce attorneys can help create settlements or litigate issues of assets, children, the dissolution itself, property issues, pre or post nuptial agreements, negotiations regarding alimony or child support, parenting plans, actions for enforcement, and more depending on each situation, and the assets involved.


  • Child support- In the case of a divorce where children are involved, both parents are obligated to provide certain forms of support to the children until they reach the age of eighteen or carry out a high school graduation. Extenuating circumstances may deem additional support necessary, and our child support attorneys can help with this process.


  • Collaborative law- when parties decide to undertake the collaborative law process, they agree not to undergo court litigation. As a result, there are not hearing, depositions, or court motions involved in the process. A team will meet through sessions, where they and the parties can identify goals that they share and individual interests. This leads to an agreement that tends to be less costly and time consuming, as well as more beneficial for individual wellbeing.


  •  Complex Property Division- Our attorneys aid with the division of assets, including those that can be much more complicated to value appropriately. Stock options, employee plans, personal trusts, an individual’s intellectual property, and more.



  •  Prenuptial agreements- we also offer our services to aid in the process of obtaining prenuptial agreements, which outline what will remain the property of an individual, and what will be shared after marriage. These agreements can also outline support options if a divorce were to occur.



  • Modification Actions- It is entirely possible that the circumstances that existed during the creation of the final judgment may have changed by the time the final judgment is entered. Changes in alimony, child support, timesharing, or more can all play a role in the results of a divorce.


  • Alimony- although it is not required in every case of divorce, alimony is financial support paid by one party to another to compensate for a change in living expenses that they may have become accustomed to throughout the time of the marriage. Our alimony lawyers can help educate both parties on all the factors that go into deciding alimony, as well as aid in the process of establishing the extent of support.


  • Parenting Plans/Time-Sharing- Our attorneys can help parties create a parenting plan, outlining the aspects of raising any involved children. This can include children regular time-sharing, holiday time-sharing, education, and medical decisions.


  • Enforcement Actions- If any parties involved in a divorce default on their obligations after a divorce, our experienced enforcement action lawyers will guide the other party through the process of filing a motion for enforcement.




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